Seven Spice Chili Oil

Natalia Lazic grew up eating spicy food thanks to her family’s Yugoslavian roots, and a passion for home cooking. But one day, frustrated she couldn’t find a good quality chili oil, she decided to start messing around with flavours and ingredients in her own kitchen.

“I wanted to use a sunflower oil as a base because I liked the fact that it had a little bit of a nuttiness to it and it withstands high-temperature cooking,” recalls Lazic, “We eat garlic in everything—everything—so I put garlic in too. Of course I wanted something spicy,  so that's where the chili peppers came in. Then I added different aromatic ingredients that I love, like sesame oil. I love coconut. And that's really the basis of the recipe.”

Lazic says she was smitten with her concoction right from the beginning, and then family and friends started eating it up too. That’s when Seven Spice Chili Oil was born.

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